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>UAE National Day plane TVC- Raise the flag higher


Hey Team Omo,

This is my Dad’s new advertisement, it’s for U.A.E’s National Day! FYI: Dubai was the place I grew up so I got used to a multi-cultural environment; that might explain my fetish for Asian chicks 😀
On another note I often make smilies with a nose in the middle, I’m gonna stop doing that cause I found people with even bigger noses! So farewell noses you all are being replaced with backspaces and deletes 😀

>I’m in the Grid


Heylo Team Omo,

This movie is just soo cool!!! Can’t wait to watch it when its out. Unfortunately if your living in Malaysia it comes out a bit later, Its coming out somewhere in December. And guess what? I’m In It!!
Just kidding, it’s a pretty nifty Facebook Application that lets you put your face in the animation, cool right? 
Till I decide to blog again…

PS: Just bought new All Stars (I’m a shopaholic)



A video by DeStorm and Ray William Johnson :^D
Love the shows they mentioned, I believe 90s was about the media, what do you think?

>Top 10 Songs for Love-making


Aloha Team Omo!

Today we shall discuss the top 10 songs that are good to have sex with, though my playlist titled ‘Make Love‘ has more than that ;^). Even though I’m a strict rocker in specified taste in music but this top 10 contains more genres; but hey Rock and Sex mix quite well together! 

10. Counting Crows – I Am Ready

This song was used in the sex scene for the movie Cruel Intentions. This just makes the moment pure, light and perfect. A good song for foreplay in my opinion.

09. Deftones – Change (In the House of Flies)

This song is sets a nice momentum and works well when your going a bit rough! Get a bit down and raw with this track, little bites and scratches are encouraged!

08. Pucifier – Rev 22:20

Kinky in all its ways! This song can really stir things up, not only is it fun for foreplay but a nice pace is what it offers and like most of the songs here you might have noticed I have a bit of a sadistic/dominant streak. It works both ways with this song… rawr. This song works well with couples interested in a bit of soft-hardcore fun ;^).

07. Nadia Ali – Is It Love

This is a Pakistani singer, YES a PAKISTANI singer! She has a decent voice and it sounds sexy so it can be put to good use can’t it Team Omo? Heh, love the beat love the intensity that this song brings.

06. Marilyn Manson – Sweet Dream 

This cover makes things naughty, a bit nasty, mean and exotic. It can encourage the lovers to go on a mean streak and make the pleasurable game seem dirty  “I’m gonna use you and abuse you… I’m gonna know whats inside you”.

05. Telepopmusik – Breathe

The beat of this song can either be ignored or followed. Its encouragement for the two bodies. Love this song and can put this to good use. Making love becomes fun, light and delightful.

04. Aqualung – Strange and Beautiful

This song is so perfect for foreplay and taking it slow! This song just puts a spell on you and makes you realize that it alright to let go. The lyrics take you away in this song and the music compliments that trip to cloud 9.

03. Prince – Purple Rain

The music, the lyrics, the moment. The perfect three elements to make love. Like come on! “I dont wanna be some kind of friend”, the song talks about a breakup but its sang in such a way that it seem that the desire for the lover is amazingly strong. The guitar is just right for emotions and actions to take over! Make your lover feel wanted with this one.

02. Nine Inch Nails – Closer

If you havent heard this song, you should be ashamed of yourself! This clearly says “I wanna fuck you like an animal, I wanna feel you from the inside”. This industrial song builds up the mood and administrates an awesome climax.

01. Portishead – Roads 

Portishead is a great band and this song proves it. It’s my number 1 choice of a song to make love to and you’ll say that too once you hear it! This song is hands down fabulous and can’t get any better. This is an ideal lovers choice. Slow, Intense and easy making the moment seem innocent, erotic and so right!

Well that’s my top 10. Hope you guys enjoyed that, if not then I’m pretty sure you guys added some new tracks to you iTunes. Till next time Team Omo…


>This looks like a Job for…


Yo Team Omo, 

As my first blog post I’d like you all to know my top 10 Superhero movies. I’ve always been a comic book and superhero fan; the fantasy world is a realm that I adore strolling in. So without further-ado, here they are: –
10. Blade Trinity 6stars
The second Blade movie was unbearable that I had to turn off the television when it came to the fight sequels. The third however, had more spark in it, hell Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Beil were in it! Ryan Reynold really did make me enjoy the movie, otherwise Blade just acted like a douchebag. 
09. Constantine 7stars
The movie that portrayed hell in sucha away that it put heavy metal covers to shame! Keanu Reeves portrayed a role, that in my opinion was his best yet, the dark persona that is popularized by rumors. Though some of the casting was weird such as Shea Lebeaouf and Rachel Weisz. The movie didnt disappoint. 
08. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 7stars
This movie made my childhood come to life in displaying ever significant detail (including Casey Jones) of the Ninja Turtle while making them “hip” for that era. There were some lame sequences (like the Master Splinter training sequence) but otherwise it was a movie to love and quite frankly I want a pizza everytime I watch it! 
07. The Mask 8stars
This movie introduced Cameron Diaz at her best to the world; dont know what happened later. Jim Carey’s Green rubber-faced superhero made an impact in movie theaters and not to mention the portrayal of detail done by “the man with a thousand faces”. Taking smal details like daffy duck posters in Ipkiss’room to reacting daffy’s behaviour by bouncing around when getting shot.
06. The Incredible Hulk 7stars
This was a reboot of the first flick that went to the silver screen and it did better than its predaccesor. Even though Banna is a good actor, but Norton played a better and more accurate character of Banner. The first one was just way more dark and depressing in contras to any Batman movie.
05. Spider-Man 7.5stars
In my opinion the best adaptation for the web-slinger ever! The comic book were getting dry at that time with crappy storylines but then came this movie and took the initial story of the WEb-head. Maguire did a fine job in acting out Peter’s outcasted persona and Dunst looked hot at a red-head. The emotions where there, the drama and the action!
04. X2: X-Men United 8.5stars
X-men itself was a good presentation of bringing fictional characters to life; no movie might have done it better. X2 took that low-budget attempt to newer heights at it showed that X-Men have to join forces with Magneto to stop a mad man (amazingly portrayed by Brain Cox). Though there were only short screen time for more regit fan favorites (like Collosus) but bringing the demonic-but-I’m-a-nice-guy-teleporter into the picture was emotional and entertaining. 
03. Superman 8.5stars
Late Reeves played the perfect role of the savior and the geeky specs wear mild mannered reporter. The essence of Superman was more than ever, the cape, the hairdo, the wearing of the underwear on the outside and the powers/weaknesses. All together with his all time arch nemesis, could this movie be anything else a Superman fan could ask for? 
02. Iron Man 9stars
While Batman Begins had a new look to it that was all dark, meaningful and emotional; Iron Man was more Rock n’Roll. The main reason this movie had so much charisma was because of Robert Downey Jr. he acted this role like no one else could and made this a powerhouse blockbuster of a movie! This made Iron Man come out of the shadows of other Marvel and DC Superheroes. 
01. The Dark Knight 9.5stars
Batman Begins brought hope back on a very high scale for Gotham’s finest; removing the Bat-nipples! The Dark Knight took that scale as the beginning of what Nolan had instored for us. The dark, sadistic, entertaining Joker (R.I.P Ledger) was the individual that caused the shook of the movie and the reason for Batman to go bigger and better. The whole movie had twists and turns and they finally killed the ugly Rachel (Moore was hotter) and they had a new suit and and and… Oh you know what I mean!
Next blog post… hmm I’m thinking of my top 10 songs to have sex to ;^). Nighty Night Team Omo.