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>Thomas Oliver painted the town Green


Herro Team Omo, 

Thomas Oliver. Ring a bell? Well I’m talking about non-other than Dr. Thomas Oliver! Still not getting a picture… sigh…
I’m talking about Tommy from the Power Rangers!
One of the things that rocked the 90s were the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! Tommy Oliver was one of them and probably the most popular one. Jason David Frank, a martial artist/ actor brought this character to life in the most hip show of the time bro; excuse my 90s dialectal. He played the mean green, evil and so fucking cool Green Ranger! He got more powers as the show went on, so guys lets talk a walk down memory lane, we shall go back in time and I shall tell the tale of one of the greatest Power Ranger that ever lived!
*Cool Transition*
Jason, Billy, Triny, Kimberly and Zack were all hanging out in the made believe city of Angel Grove. 
They were the Power Ranger, who protected the city they lived in from Rita a bitch… I mean witch that wanted to take over the world but ironically wanted to start at that city; strange isn’t it? Anyway she decided after failing countless times to bring out the big dog, she wanted the ranger from Zordon to fight a ranger from her. But not any teenager would count to play this role.
A new kid Tommy was participating in a martial arts tournament that Jason, the leader and all round jock of the Power Rangers, was also taking part in. 

Their match ended at a draw and thats when the evil bitch decided to select Tommy as her pawn; giving him evil powers and practically same stuff as the Rangers have. 
He had a cool Dragon Sheild and a Dragon Dagger that could be used as a flute to summon the great Dragon-zord!! Do you feel the chills?!
And yep you guessed it, he allow was tough enough to beat the living daylights out of the Rangers. But asusual Zordon had a plan! That involved the rangers being given new toys! I mean weapons! 
The rangers stopped the Green Ranger from helping Rita take over the world and as a latent result added a new member to their squad! Things didn’t look so promising for the evil bitch.
Throughout this time, Tommy got closer to Jason as a second in command and the rest. However, he got specially close to Kimberly! grrr… If you know what I mean 😉 Boom Boom Pow! In Ranger terms… Ki-yah!!
The plot needed a twist so Rita brought up her backup plan, which was a candle designed to slowly eliminate the Green Rangers powers, the bitch made this incase something like the previous events would happen. Slowly she succeeds in draining away the Green Rangers powers and Tommy was ultimately left powerless. The Rangers decided that Tommy was no longer useful to them in the battlefield so the group of teenagers ditched him everytime they had to morph while he sat there and watched.
Angel grove was in trouble again and this time had the Ranger’s parents kidnapped, in exchange they wanted their power coins that gave them these powers. Rangers naively gave it to them but the evil forces didn’t come through on their part… oh the drama! When in trouble, who you gonna call? The Green Ranger, no not Ghost Busters… Green Ranger saves the day one last time, blah blah blah and goes away.
Thus, ended the tail of the mighty Green Ranger… Or did it?!
The Ranger got into trouble again, this time no upgrades were available and Zordon went missing. Why you might ask? Well here is why…
Because somebody had to make a comeback wearing different colours! Tommy was back and better than ever and now going to lead the new Power Rangers! New bad guys, new stories same old plot. Yup the show was still going on. He was kicking evils ass and kissing Kimberly’s once again!
 Then something intamaresting happens, Tommy meets Tom!
Tommy gets cloned and has to fight that evil creation. Instead history repeats itself and Tom sees the white light and turns good. Tom is however teleported to a different time where there were more need of the Rangers then ever; the while west -_-
Much more happens to our hero in the later days such as new upgrades to the Red Zeo Ranger and then later into the Black Dino Ranger. 
He even falls into the prediction where he must face his past selves.
But one cannot forget the story that made Tommy a legend for nerds all around the world, who ever had the heart to utter the words “It’s morphin time!”, go crazy over green. The green rangers tale was the most priceless one and most different. 
Where is Tommy now?
Well umm he is an MMA fighter these days…
Make fun of him for being a Power Ranger now!
Stay tuned for more tales about the Power Rangers in the future. Honestly was gonna do a post about his whole tale but got a bit lazy 😛 teehee. Hey don’t look at me at that tone of voice! I have a life to live too you know next post I’ll tell you all about what I’m upto, till then Team Omo…

>Layeth the Smackdown on your Candy-Ass!

>Hello Team Omo,

Wrestling today has pretty much come to a sad level when you talk about the PG World Wrestling “Entertainment”. I mean we have a wrestler who is supposedly the face of the company and has moves that amount to a Pokémon’s set of moves! Yeah I’m talking about WWE’s superman John Cena.
Then you have the Stone Cold Lite! Randy Orton. The snake referenced nickname, the skull crushing ironically familiar finishing move and lets not forget the bald domes! OK maybe the last part was unintentional but you gotta admit there is a point in there! 
As far as most wrestlers are concerned its either the good ones are misused and eventually leave the company, joining other like TNA, while the overrated ones get hype and titles! 
I mean WWE went to a newer low when they gave the Miz the WWE championship, I mean it does look like a toy now but oh well, guess its fitted well with a joke of a wrestler. But the attitude era, oh boy now that was a time when wrestling (even though it was fake) it was done as entertaining as possible! However, some of the new boys aint that bad :D. The following is a rating schedule for 10 spots and it is for the best wrestler as by Omer Anwar!
Introducing first the 10th spot…
10. Trish Stratus
Miss Stratus was the best damn female wrestler in the business. She took that division to newer heights, with other divas like Lita and erm… yeah thats pretty much it :P. She had great innovation with hurricanranas and bulldogs, making them Tratuspheres and Tratusfactions. Above all this lady provided us with entertainment, whether she was managing wrestlers like Test and Albert or was winning to most WWF/E Women’s Championships. She lefts us 100% Stratusfied.
9. Eddie Guerrero
He would Lie, he would cheat, he would steal, but hey atleast he was honest about it. He took his late friends move as a tribute and perfected it as his own. Whether a heel or face, he got the crowds hearts. The moment with Chyna to the lowriders and family bonding with Chavo, the man was just fun to watch. He would wack his opponent with the chair while the ref was occupied and just lay on the floor placing the object in the middle, leaving the ref confused. Classic in-ring comedy was provided by this highflyer. It was an amazing moment when he became a World Champion beating all odds and a 295lbs Brock Lesnar! Viva La Rasa Eddie may you R.I.P.
8. Rob Van Dam
Achieving legendary status even before entering a WWF/E ring! This guy was a hardcore innovation of violence! RVD would do what noone would imagine. Coast-to-Coast drop kicks on his opponent to Rolling Thunders to split legged Moonsaults to the 5star Frog Splash! RVD changed the whole map of the WWF/E and brought countless possibilities in the ring. He made Jeff Hardy’s feats look amateur! He is also the only man to hold the WWE and ECW World Titles together!
7. Chris Jericho
Started out as a mid-carder but then became the 1st ever Undisputed Champion and hold the record for the Intercontinental Championship. The most talented wrestler today some would argue, he is currently the whole entertainment package; from Mic Skills to in-ring ability, you name it! Chris Jericho has been noted to innovate matches like Money in the Bank and lets not forget how he turned a mere Boston Crab into a glorified Walls of Jericho. He might have a new trick up his arsenal like the Codebreaker but the classical Lionsault does still exist people! 😀
6. Triple H
Started out with a boring arrogant gimmick that lead to a rebellious group that the WWF/E used to counter WCW’s New World Order to the 13 time World Champion King of Kings. Mentored by one of the best and dirtiest player in the game. Triple H has done it all from Royal Rumble, Mid-card championships, King of the Ring, World Titles, Speciality matches, you name it! They say he plays alot of backstage politics to get to where he stands, well why on Earth would you say that? I dunno maybe marry the chairman’s daughter?! Lol regardless the guy stook to the business and hustled his way to the top of the foodchain. 🙂
5. The Undertaker
The Deadman, the ever so dominant, The Undertaker! He stands in 6’10”, over 300lbs and is fast and agile as they come. Strenght is what he was known for along with his baby brother Kane. The Undertaker has the undefeated Wrestlemania streak, significant reigns as World Champion and lets not forget his gimmick introduced matches (Hell in a Cell, Inferno, Biker Chain, Casket, etc.). Not only is this man feared but he is also respected by countless other stars. Take the flamboyant Shawn Michaels for instance, he chose Taker to end his career! Though his career is coming close to an end, It didn’t mean he got sloppy, sure his fists are abit slow but man can this guy put on a show! (Age just gets thrown out the window!) Even if he still is using an un-dead gimmick, he still gives chills up anyone’s spine! Titles never needed to define this man!
4. Shawn Michaels
Mr. Wrestlemania, The Heart-break Kid Shawn Michaels was not only the voice of his own theme song but also the headliner of the biggest sports entertainment company in the world. He put on great, nay devine matches that made it to wrestling books as instant classics. He was the innovator of Ladder matches and became a role model for younger wrestlers like the Hardyz. He was in the first ever Hell in a Cell match against the Undertaker and was also the first winner of the most popular cage match Elimination Chamber. He won it all like most in this list and was the first Grandslam Champion. Everything about him was a headlining, example the Montreal Screw Job, where he screwed Bret Hart who had later not step foot in a WWF/E ring for over a decade! He competed with greats and ended the WWE career of the illustrious Rick Flair. Mr. Wrestlemania final supposedly ended his magnificent career at the grandest stage of them all against non-other than the Undertaker.
3. Stone Cold Steve Austin
The rattlesnake that became the face of the Attitude era. The beer drinking, smash-mouth, mudhole stomping, red-neck from Texas. He was the property of Raw had great storylines and did one of the best promos. He might not have been the most technical wrestler around but he put on great matches with his Lou Thez Presses and Stone Cold Stunners. The Stunners were the most unpredictable and breath-taking moves that Austin would hit and get the crowd on their feet. He was the original anti-hero that was a crowd pleaser of the time now succeeded by Randy Orton with a lighter repackaged version of Austin’s gimmick. He accomplished what no other superstar has that is winning the Royal Rumble 3 times, he also won the King of the Ring and delivered the most awesome and career changing speeches titled Austin 3:16. 
2. The Rock
Rocky Mavia was his babiest of baby face tribute to his Grandfather and Father. The Blue Chipper was cheered by his fans for a while then the apple got rotten. Till he decided to stand up to the face of the attitude era and say: “Your bottom line will read this: Stone-Cold Steve Austin: Has-been. Compliments of the Rock.” That iconic line changed it all and made his a 10 time World Champion. He did all his promos live and honestly to this day no one has ever been able to come close to his greatness on the mic. He let other wrestlers over him when he didnt need to, giving them a career boost, like Brock Lesnar, Goldberg and Chris Jericho. He achieved greatness and got the fans to do what he wanted, the puppet master made them follow him whether he wanted boos or cheers from them. We did smell what the great one was cookin’.
1. Bret Hart
The Hitman scores number 1! He has one ever title in existence and his legend just lives on! He had received the biggest screw job in the hands of Shawn Michaels with Mr.McMahon being the mastermind behind it all, regardless he put that aside and accepted his Hall of Fame induction. This guy was class in ring and outside of it. The only line that can be said about this individual is that “he was the best there is, was and ever will be”. If you dont believe me take a look at his famous Iron Man match against HBK. Till this day never has he ever injured an opponent and till this day other agree that he was one of the greatest technical wrestlers ever. He ad a great tagteam fraction called the Hart Foundation and man who doesn’t likl the Sharpshooter?!
So yeah missing the old days eh? 

>Raining Meatballs!


Greeting Team Omo,
Yesterday was pretty busy like always. Had a pretty neat basketball game with some new people and man did they kick our asses bad! (Visitors 2 – Home 1) Moving on, we decided to get some work done and save some time. It started off with us going all the way to LDP to order mattresses in our after bball condition; yes! we hadn’t showered yet! What can I say, we made heads turn and portray significant unpleasant and disgusted faces. Then came a problem our tire was in a questionable state so we got to the nearest mechanic to get it fixed and while that took place we enjoyed a meal at Rock Café (Medan as some would still call it); pretty neat joint, better than Asia Café. AC just depresses me.
Dig the wheels? Did you know that Mitsubishi Lancer was awarded the family car of the year? Now you Know!
Soon after that I had persuaded Vanessa and Rowena to join us to goto IKEA and she persuaded us to take the bus.
And do we waited. Missed the first one actually it was right there but some people just had to be slow!

As all the bus virgins lined up (after we had hit the showers), quiet recently there had been a certain someone who had well been trying to hard and he just got blown down during the trip. It was priceless; brings a tear in my eye. (Guy has girlfriend, guy notices a friend that might be worth having fun with, guy sucks at flirting yet tries, girl gets pissed and threatens to punch his face… you know the classic tale)
At IKEA was a Fuckload of people! Fuckload you say? Yes! a Fuckload! And I was just determined for my bed and wardrobe like a solider would be for his country and family *heroic anthem/theme starts to play* The furniture that I bought was all designed by one company named BODÖ (the joke here is that Bodo in the Malaysian language means ‘idiot’). 
Turns out my name is quiet popular in Sweden. I’m a maker of shelving units. Sad.
Omer can we go home yet?! Look at her so pissed at me, almost like she’d punch me in the face too!

Anyways the guys helped me out and we all helped ourselves to them IKEA MEATBALLS! You can’t imagine how happy we all got while eating them. And throughout the whole time I noticed that people tend to share stuff with me. I, like always, felt honoured. My new favourite word? Dumbass. Credits to that 70s show. Just finished watching the 1st season.
On the way back we had to part ways and get cabs. It was a fun day today we might head off to the Motor show in KL. Seems intamaresting for a gear-head like myself.
Anyways till next time Team Omo,