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You know its always hard portraying fictional animated characters to real life. Thus far the only group that had ever been brought to life in were the X-Men in the 1st Wolverine–I mean “X-Men” movie. Today I’m gonna tell you my fantasy cast for the Justice League! It may differ from your perspectives but hear me out first and share your views in the comments below πŸ™‚
The one superhero in tights that surprisingly a large number of fans question the sexual orientation of. Aquaman is an all rounder Poseidon; talking to fishes to swimming really fast, yeah he has got it. The best actor in my opinion to play this guy would be Aaron Eckhart. Yeah we saw him in the Dark Knight as the Two Face, but when he played the total good guy Harvey Dent that got me thinking and bearded or not he can portray Aquaman pretty darn well.
The Flash
A person with quick sense of humor that come into my mind is always Ryan Reynolds. He was long timed rumored to be working on a project as the Flash but that was just too good to be true. And hey he has gotta be a little smaller cause its gonna be hard for the rest to get that big. All over his sense of humor can make this character brighter and life-like. CG takes care of him being fast πŸ˜› (FYI: Ryan Reynolds is my idol!)


Growing up I always so a Justice League with a Hawkgirl rather than a Hawkman, plus if I add more guy roles this movie shall become a sausage fest! Olivia Wilde has the bitchy look and the dominating appeal, though I expected some of that in Tron I bet she can be mean when wearing the hawk mask and wielding the thunderous weapon.

Green Lantern
NOT RYAN REYNOLDS! Green Lantern isn’t that funny instead he is cool. I say bring in the Black Green Lantern! The more popular one. Holding the galactic powers of the ring and wearing the boots to protect earth and all of mankind! If you have seen Criminal Minds then you’ll know how well Shemar Moore can act for this serious role! Besides his acting, his body is pretty ripped aswell, so yeah I think he can score the suite well πŸ˜€

The amazon princess! To play her an actress needs a strong independent appeal and must be someone that most women like and men can find attractive at the same time. However I wouldn’t want a spotlight whore like Megan Fox to play her, instead I’d prefer a more classy artist. Someone like Emily Deschanel. There was an episode of Bones where she is dressed as Wonderwoman and that really make me do the thinking. She don’t look that bad showing so much skin now does she ;D see for yourself: –
The Batman

Yeah thats right the Batman! Only a few have worn this mask on the silver screen. However, only a few have pulled it off well (Keaton and Bale). So far Christian Bale is the current raining Batman and I have to say he does play a decent Batman, but keep in mind that the reason why he is doing so well is mainly cause of Chris Nolans storytelling ways! Imagine Bale with a batsuite that had nipples. Not so dark now eh? Since anything I’ll say will make me hated, both in public and in my head. I think Bale is the best choice for a Batman right now. He makes an awesome lead character and all he needs is to get rid of that grunting he does when he acts as Batman; I swear its like he smoked a fuckload of cigarettes or maybe thats what bat sounds like. 

The Golden Boy of the DC Universe. The one most popular symbol of good and whats right in all of comic book universe, Supeman. You’ve heard of him, so no need to elaborate on his profile. Superman was best played in my opinion by the late Christopher Reeves (R.I.P). He brought standard and light to the adorable role of Clark Kent and the righteous Superman! Brandon Routh, the new kid, did a pretty decent job as Superman but too young to lead a team like this. Well if you have seen any episode of Mad Men you’ll know who I’m about to mention next. Jon Hamm. The Guy has the older look compared to Routh and the physique. I see a bit of Clark Kent in the pic with glasses πŸ˜€ He can play a good OLDER Clark Kent and an awesome heroic Superman! By older I mean one that can lead a team and has had his solo show in the past. The young girls will just not understand this… sad… If you still don’t have a picture leme draw you one: –

The reason I chose a cast like this is because all fantasies aside, I always had a vision of DC being classy while Marvel having them action stars. Choosing someone like Vin Deisle to play Martian Manhunter, would be cool interms of voice and baldness but he just wouldn’t fit in with the rest of the cast. So far Flash and Hawkgirl I chose to be pretty young, which they are as characters compare to the rest. So Team Omo whats your perspective of a Justice League cast? Leave me comments πŸ™‚ Till next time…

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