>I’ma Layeth the Smackth Down on thy Candyass!

>Whaddap Team Omo,

This one is for the wrestling fans and the generally interested. In the WWE there have been kick ass rivalries that glued fans to the screens. Though these days its a bit dry, lets not get into the complaining and ranting, lets talk about the golden days. The following are my top 10 favorite rivalries in WWE history!

10. The Rock vs. H.H.H
This rivalry was needed to boost both these superstar’s careers! When there are two wrestlers in the WWE that have the ability to change from face to heel and are the two most up and coming superstars, they are bound to collide. These gladiators started the rivalry cause of a fetal4way where Mr.McMahon betrayed the Rock and that led to a ladder match. It seemingly ended in a Iron Man match, which was also one of the best shows ever put up by either future Hall of Famer!
09. “Y2J” Chris Jericho vs. Bill Goldberg
Jericho always lacked size, but has brilliant in ring ability and even better microphone skills. He has worked hard to become a main eventer and had nothing handed to him. Goldberg on the other hand had no real ability, and no real charisma. He was just a big body, who was moulded by WCW into a monster champion due to 1000 squash matches. The story goes that Goldberg was mouthing off to Kevin Nash about Jericho and Jericho heard about it. Jericho confronted him and they came to blows, they were pulled apart, but not before Jericho trapped Goldberg in a front face lock. Mind over muscle wins again. This was never an on-screen rivalry.
08. Matt Hardy vs. Edge
Kayfabe met reality in WWE rivarlies once again. Matt dated Lita and was an old friend of Edges–TILL Edge decided to have an affair with Lita. Matt lost his job when he addressed this on Smackdown but got rehired and started attacking Edge on RAW. Edge won the rivalry and due to match stipulations was sent to Smackdown. From then on Edge achieved far greater success than Matt who lost eventually lost his mind. Lita, who was never booed in her career, lost the fans respect.
07. Hulk Hogan vs. Andre “the Giant”
The two men that, most argue, MADE Wresltemania the event it is today! Hogan the American hero, Andre the evil stumbling Giant, both titans clashed and made history!
06. Kurt Angle vs. Chris Beniot
Regardless of what controversy surrounds Beniot, there is nothing controversial about his in-ring ability. The only man that could match up and agruably be better in technical wrestling talent would be the Olympic Gold medalist Kurt Angle! Everone was aware of their abilities and new their match would be a worthwhile one. Not only did they put on a match they escalated their rivalry by doing better promos and better matches (such as the Ultimate Submission match).
05. The Rock vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
The two men that fucking careed the WWE to victory and dominance over the wrestling industry fought together in the Attitude Era with great matches and greater promos! They attracted attention and were the wrestlers that carried the Attitude Era and ended it at a Wrestlemania! Their history, their rivalry, their charisma is legendary!
04. The Dudleys vs. The Hardys vs. Edge & Christian 
Back in the good ol’ Golden days of the Tag Team Division. The true team of awesome Edge and Christian, both men CAN wrestle and do beautiful promos! The Hardys who innovated high-flying wrestling and were breath-taking to watch; they didnt have mic-skills and couldnt do a promo for shit but still… The weridos from ECW, the Dudleys. They were talented and changed how Heavyweights wrestled against cruiserweights. They revolutionized the TLC match where E&C popularized Chair-con-to, The Dudley’s who had a table fetish and the Hardys who were more comfortable and talented around ladders. These teams gave the Tag belts prestiege and swapped heel/face persona’s for several years.
03. Kane vs. The Undertaker
This is one of the most enduring rivalries in all of wrestling. From 1997 when he burst on the scene accompanied by his, and the Undertaker’s, ‘father’ Paul Bearer (their mother must have been one tall broad), until now the only times when these two haven’t been feuding is when they are teaming up as the dominant Brother’s of Destruction. Both of them always look so quick and powerful against each other, and their in-ring psychology is on show, given their long back story and past together, they know each other like they really are brothers.
02. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon
Classic story where a subordinate flips off the owner. This case the worker never got fired (Hmm…lol). The Austin/McMahon rivalry made both of their characters the extreme successes they both were. It established Austin as the ultimate anti-authoritarian and McMahon as the ultimate authority in the wrestling world. The culmination of this rivalry was a cage match, in which McMahon was driven through a table, showing he was willing to put his body on the line.
01. Bret “the Hitman” Hart vs. “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michael
Words dont discribe the tension these two created in the wrestling world. Two words come into mind when you think of these two: Montreal Screwjob! The Montreal Screwjob was a moment where reality & kayfabe bought each other a beer and became good friends; these two didn’t. There were rumors around that Hart might leave the WWE and join WCW, both McMahon and HBK were aware of this thus started plotting plans to screw the Hitman in his own home town!
So Team Omo what are your favorites? Stay tuned…

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