>Grandma knows best!


Yo Team Omo,

You know I’ve seen alot of weird games in my life whether they are played online or on a console or on a handheld, etc. but this one game I found on the caveman feared internet was well… its called UTE. Don’t know the full abbreviation of it but here is what its all about. Its about you being a woman and being told by your Grandmother to, you know the usual, be a good girl and fuck around as much as you can before you get married–Wait! What? Thats right you have to have sexual relationships with as many guys possible while not being caught by other men otherwise it will break both the men’s hearts. RIIIGHHHTTT… This game has a look of a pretty sleazy UK style hand-drawn appeal. Though one good thing about the game is that it showcases many weird (for some common) sex positions and fetishes. I have to admit I did play it for a while, it’s addictive, no wonder the saying always goes “onces a bitch, always a bitch”. It makes sense now… Well anyways heres the link for the game enjoy you perverted mofos.
Till next time mon amie…

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